An eco-system
designed for collaboration


Provides creative thinking about access to better quality of life.


Provides free choice in engagement with granular, consistent distribution of results. Seeks to capitalize gains and distribute leverage.



Mechanisms that enable meetings and commitment. An implementation of “The Strength of Weak Ties” theory.

Agile and autonomous

Ultra-inclusive philosophy. Way of thinking centred on the importance of the journey.


Distributed and decentralized mode of operation that enhances adaptation as required. Many ways to use the machine.

Collaborative approach

Changing the relationship and approach between the client, the work and the talent is of fundamental importance.

Whether it is a turnkey service or the client’s active participation in implementing a project, flexibility is an essential component of collaboration.


This is what makes it possible to go further. Efforts converge to provide peace of mind and the assurance of a hassle-free exchange.


Building a trusted ecosystem provides both clients and talent with a better chance of achieving their goals.


Although the definition of quality of life is unique to everyone, Collab MACHINE offers solutions to balance self-employment with quality of life.


Offering many benefits.


  • Times change and your needs do, too
  • Choose from vetted resources.
  • Find the resources you need, when you need them.
  • Give yourself a trusty standpoint to reach your goals.
  • Get the right tools to decide better.
  • Go for continuity.
  • Get your project done

  • Be part of a larger movement
  • You're no longer alone.
  • Improve your visibility with less P&R.
  • Improved autonomy.
  • Do more of what you like the most.
  • Gain freedom.
  • Create your profile

A platform where you are the hero

An active model based on your own ambitions.


Be at the heart of the equation

Whether you are the client or the talent, Collab MACHINE places you at the centre of the equation. From the first contact to the very end of your project, we do everything possible to ensure the process is positive for all parties.

It’s all about the exchange—meeting the needs of both parties.

The team

Great individuals. Experienced people with a wide range of skills to deliver it right.

The board

Vikas Narula

Advisor - Keyhubs®

Crédit photo: Albert Zablit

Pierre-Luc Thivierge

Founder and developer

Daniel Engelberg

Human-centric innovator and change agent

David Fréchette

Clever technologist, great coach, more than seasoned developer.

Julien Desrosiers

Partner, developer and technical advisor

Pierre Ravary

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Marc-Alexandre Poirier

Legal Director

Alain Marchildon

Mentor - Futurpreneur

Christian Beaubien

Open innovation advisor - ADI

Daniel Sincu

Experienced manager, mentor and strategist

Marc F. Adam

Entrepreneur, business intelligence specialist, smart sales expert ...

Discover the eco-system!

Collab + MACHINE

An innovative, flexible, autonomous and equitable approach.


Innovative approach

Collab MACHINE presents a redesigned version of the working world. It is a model that invites personal reflection on the balance between monetary contribution and access to happiness.


A system designed for you

Self-employment and entrepreneurship present important challenges that disrupt many. The machine gathers and provides tools and services to overcome these challenges.

The machine seeks to create an effective counterweight, then make it a lever.

FOURTH industrial revolution

Value is no longer where it was before.

It’s now on the move, as we are.

Get your project doneCreate your profile

At a glance.

Activity, visibility

See what's going on.

Centralization, regularity

Regularized flow. A permissive but structuring process.

Management | Work | Representation

Time is precious. It’s important to enjoy it.

Framing exchanges

Financial mechanisms in place to facilitate trade and increase the confidence of participants. Management support.

Engagement made possible, simplified

As a client, Collab MACHINE will become an extension of your team. Like talent, Collab MACHINE offers you opportunities wherever you are.

And so much more...

To know Collab Machine in all its splendor, you will have to be part of it.

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