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You pitch or you share ?


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Stressing to prepare and deliver your pitch ? You have services or products to promote. But you don't like rigid formulations. And neither will your customers. You want to make sure that the way you convey the essential information about your sale is more pleasant for you, and more pleasant for the people who receive your message.

To make it more efficient. And not felt as aggressive or mechanical.

Because a pitch is often a bit aggressive or "little robot" style.

With a more flexible approach, and based on human reaction to sound and voice, you increase your chances to make your sales.

One to three coaching meetings. 60 to 75 minutes.

The price below is for each private meeting.

Merchant can customize for this offer

Intended Audience

For anyone who feels not listened enough and not understood at their fair value.

For anyone who doesn't listen enough.

For any voice user who is not getting the expected results.

For anyone who strains their throat and gets tired speaking to their customers or their teams.

For anyone who worries too much before a meeting with customers.

Value Proposition

Become aware of the many components of your voice and speech


Increase your results and your goals achievement.

Increase collaboration and involvement from your teams.

Make your customers more interested in your speech.

Increase understanding from your customers.

Leave them with more energy available to understand, retain and take action.

Feel less tired yourself when speaking, one on one or in front of groups.