Information Technology

Video chat service for your online customers (2 licenses)


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You want to offer a human service to your customers who are online?

We have the solution!

We are an inbound video chat service. Answer your customers who are online and have questions by video, with just one click.

You can use our service by yourselfe or let us be your reception desk.

For more information and other offers, visit our profile or click on the "Human Video Assistance" bubble at the bottom right of the CollabMachine page. A real person will answer you.

With this offer you get 2 licenses for 6 months!

Merchant can customize for this offer

Intended Audience

Companies that want to stand out by offering an innovative customer service that allows them to be close to their customers, to build a bond of trust, to have an increased security of exchanges.

Technological field, various tenders, notary, accountant, lawyer, department store, representative and many other fields with a high call flow where video is a clear advantage.

Value Proposition

The human relationship brings trust and the proximity allows to build this relationship.

Innovative customer service.

A way to facilitate the hiring of personnel.

Distance is no longer a problem.

In a need for increased security or sensitive information exchanges.

The respect of the customer by respecting his information and his anonymity.

Several tools introduced in a single interface.

You have to try it!