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LoadLogic Silver Pack


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is a unique solution offered by SQALogic. It is a complex methodology that
allows us to test and optimize your infrastructure. Our accumulated experience
allows us to offer you a load testing solution at unbeatable prices.

By using
our own infrastructure and testing tools, we allow you to drastically reduce
the costs associated with such an exercise while facilitating the process.
Indeed, you will not need to perform the tests that can be long and complex or
enter into tedious steps of acquiring a tool with little return on investment.

Intended Audience

This unique SQALogic solution is aimed at all companies that wish to optimize the performance of their applications or their website. Our LoadLogic tool will allow you to know with precision the limits of your website, and the number of users it can support simultaneously. These key figures will be of particular interest to professionals who anticipate influx on their applications or website.

Value Proposition

  • Number of scripts: 3 scripts of up to 50 steps
  • Number of executions: 1
  • Contract duration: 1 Week
  • Includes: 1 detailed analysis


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