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How's the power of your combo "voice and sound" ?


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From a homemade soundtrack or video, recorded on your cellphone or elsewhere, a 10-point evaluation of your "voice, sound, speech". For its potential to make people wanting to listen to you so for its effectivness. Our conclusions will be given during a virtual video meeting, about 30 minutes, as well as 3 to 4 practical tips chosen for you, to help to go further with your "voice - sound - breathing - formulations - state of mind" speech chain.

And this will begin with an online meeting, a 5 minutes virtual coffee, before you decide to go on with this assessment. An appointement to take via [email protected]

Intended Audience

For anyone who feels to be not listened to and not understood upon their fair value.

For any speaker not meeting the results they hope for.

For anyone who strains their throat and gets tired while talking.

For anyone worrying before talking.

Value Proposition

Learn about numerous components of your voice and speech


Increase your results and achievement of your goals.

Increase collaboration and involvement from your teams.

Increase your students or participants results.

Increase family or marital harmony.

Make people wanting to listen to you more deeply and longer.

Leave them with more energy available to understand, retain and take action.

Be yourself less tired while speaking one to one, or in front of groups.